Praising, and not Burying, Foursquare

This isn’t a post designed to slavishly worship at the altar of Foursquare - the app that allows you to broadcast your location to everyone following you on Twitter, Facebook, and... oh yeah, your Foursquare account. And the jokes about telling people when they can break into your empty home have already been made, so…Read more Praising, and not Burying, Foursquare

It’s called “You”Tube for a reason

I was thinking about this post while giving a presentation in class this evening. We had an open ended assignment where each person presented on a topic related to the mass media. Being interested in online communications, I focused on Web communications by mass media outlets. That got me thinking about bloggers (which I wrapped…Read more It’s called “You”Tube for a reason

iLife for PC Review: Sony Imagination Studio

(Update: Sony announced the release of Imagination Studio Suite 2 this week.  I'll be looking it over in the coming weeks and posting an updated review here as soon as it's done. - Benson) The Christmas season is quickly closing in on us.  While the current economic conditions might be forcing you to take a…Read more iLife for PC Review: Sony Imagination Studio