In the News

From time to time I’ve been asked to share what I know with the media, or at conferences in the Southwest. I’m always happy to talk to the media, to share what I know with my colleagues.

Social media: Perils and payoffs for public officials (Albuquerque Journal)

Think Before Posting (University of New Mexico News)

One of my favorite guest posts to write was on Geoff Livingston’s blog, “The Beginner’s Mind at Work”

Video Interviews


Written Interviews

How ignorance can destroy your brand with one tweet (

Conversations with Community Managers: UNM (Voce Communications)

Productivity methods used by top professionals (

UNM Launches Experts Site for 2012 Election (UNM Today)

Gift-Giving on a Budget: Homemade for the Holidays (Denver Post)

On very rare occasions my photography gets picked up, like this photo as part of Time Magazine’s Best of 2008 series.

And I’ve presented to classes on campus, as well as conferences (PRSA, Native American Conferences)

Here’s one of my presentations, recorded courtesy of UNM Communication and Journalism professor Richard Schaefer.

Benson Hendrix on Social Media from Richard Schaefer on Vimeo.


And in a previous life I worked at the local paper and penned a few articles of my own.

N.M. Cyber Scribes Happy To Tap Out, Post Innermost Ramblings for All To Enjoy (Albuquerque Journal)

Web Exclusive: Need More Bloggers? (Albuquerque Journal)

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