Why Do You Need a “Chief of Staff?”

“I’ve gotta keep the knucklehead stuff off of his desk, and this is worse. This is actual hot-button knucklehead. This could be a thing.” John Spencer as Leo McGarry “The West Wing” Congratulations! You’re now a CEO. The leader of an organization. (Large or small, nonprofit or for profit. It doesn't matter) But your time…Read more Why Do You Need a “Chief of Staff?”

Making Your Community Relations Play

Community relations needs to be a large part of any overall communication campaign, whether you're working in politics, corporate PR, nonprofit or association communications. If you're going to be serious about community relations, you have to be involved in your community (online or offline) long before you actually need them. You're working to build up…Read more Making Your Community Relations Play

CEO Chat – Corporate Mindfulness, and not Letting the Past Rule You

Don't repeat the past, the past is there to guide the present into the future. Too many organizations are mired in "how things used to be run" and how to reexamine bringing the past back into the present. The past is in the past for a reason, to be learned from to help you achieve…Read more CEO Chat – Corporate Mindfulness, and not Letting the Past Rule You

Authenticity – A Discussion

Note: This is an edited transcript of one of a number of ongoing Google Wave exchanges between Will Reichard of CrossCut Communications and Benson Hendrix, author of bensonhendrix.com, a blog about public relations, strategy and new media. It is being cross-posted on both sites. Will: One of the blog ideas I had was about "authenticity"--the…Read more Authenticity – A Discussion

When Bloggers Attack – Swinging Back

I love working in social media – blogging, podcasting, video work, social networking and more.  All of them give you ample opportunity to interact with others. Sometime for good, and other times you'll find you or your organization getting blasted by a blogger, content creator or just a plain old curmudgeon. While many people in social…Read more When Bloggers Attack – Swinging Back

CEO Chat: Coaches and General Manager’s – Which are You?

This past week, my beloved Buffalo Bills (@buffalobills) ran headlong into a miracle this week. After four years of delving into mediocrity, the Bills fired their head coach and promoted their defensive coordinator to interim head coach. As a Bills fan, I’m greatly relieved that the team showed the guts to get rid of their…Read more CEO Chat: Coaches and General Manager’s – Which are You?