public relations

“Welcome to the NFL, Rookie”

Mom told me there would be weeks like this.

Last week went very well at the firm. One client of ours, actually we were a subcontract from another huge PR firm (one of the largest in the world) for an event going on in New Mexico. On Tuesday my job was to essentially be the navigator for ABQ for the VP of a large oil company, an economist and lobbyist from the same company and a VP for the PR firm that hired us.

In a nutshell, the event went off without many hitches (the main one being the oil people being asked if they were in VP Cheney’s “secret” energy meetings) and at the end of the day the VP from the uber-important, around the world PR firm handed me his card and said “It was great working with you. Keep in touch with me and let me know how things are going.”

That was great! I had mentioned to him my interest in eventually working for a multinational PR firm like his. So after a year or so at my current firm, I might just send my resume out his way.

More to come in next post…

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