A Whirlwind Few Weeks

Things have been busy in the last few weeks.  With Christmas coming to an end and the new year hitting shortly thereafter, I’ve decided to try and get my credit (already shaky thanks to an ex-wife who… nevermind) back into order.

I finished cutting up two of my credit cards earlier today, and since they are small debt cards (only $500 each) I hope I can get them paid off soon.

Why am I doing this?  Well, my GF and I have been talking and she raised the point that she didn’t want to get married until I was out of credit card debt.  It’s not that much debt (under $5K), so I wonder what she is trying to tell me… 😉

On another front, one of my coworkers was shown the door late last week.  It’s really depressing because he’s a good guy with a wife and four kids to take care of.  A lot of us at the office enjoyed hanging out with him, but I have confidence he will land on his feet.  It reminds me of the scene in Wall Street where John McGinley tells Charlie Sheen “Hey, we’re all just one trade from being out of here.”

On the other hand, things at the office have gone well for me.  I worked on the media for two recent press conferences and we had quite a decent showing.  We didn’t get blanket coverage for either of the events, but we still had a bunch of press at each event.  I was quite happy about it.  Plus I got a thank you gift from one of my supervisors for my work on another event with her.  I’m really excited about that, because she sets the bar high and for me to be able to reach it is quite satisfying!

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