public relations

A visitor to the office

It looks like my post didn’t get through earlier today.  We had a visitor at the office.  His name was Nixon, and he was an English Pointer dog without a collar that was running loose in the parking garage.  A couple of coworkers saw him in the complex when they drove up and they asked me to help wrangle him and bring him up to the office, because there was a good chance that he would get hit in the complex.

So my coworker Brie and I went down to get him.  Which turned out to be a piece of cake because he came right up to us and let us lead him into the building and up the elevator to the office.  Then the “awwwww-fest” began!

Everyone who saw him loved him and thought he was so cute!  He needed a little food and water so he got some then hung out around the office, took a nap while we tried to figure out what to do with him.  A couple of coworkers wanted to keep him, but it was decided to make some flyers and put them up during lunch.

After he took a nap Laine and I took him outside to go to the bathroom.  He didn’t do anything except trot around, but when we started taking him back to the office we suddenly heard “Oh my god that’s my dog!”

A woman came running over from the parking complex across the street from us (a different parking structure) and started hugging the dog and kinda crying and thanking us.  Apparently he’d gotten out of her house last night and she had cried and cried and tried to find him to no avail.  Plus she worked at the next building over!
We were happy to see Nixon’s owner find him and she was so happy it brought a tear to my eye, when my dog escaped a couple months back she was only gone for an hour or so and I was scared and almost crying too.  I think we got some good Karma points for helping him out and reuniting him with his owner.

Although a little later Laine asked me why, if we got Karma points, did she feel so sad?  I know what she means.

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