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A quick question…

As I work on a couple of new posts for y’all (yeah I know I’m late on these, took some time off to go to Phoenix, relax, and have my truck engine blow up on me) I wanted to ask a question of y’all.  One of the quotes from my presentation (and one that I think really strikes true) is from Albuquerque’s liberal political campaign expert Eli Lee.  (those of you at the Synerque presentation I gave a couple of months ago remember it).  I admire Lee and the work he does, even if he’d probably smack me in the jaw if we ever met (I don’t agree with him on all of the issues).

Now, I’ve paraphrased his quote to:

Multiple messages to multiple audiences via multiple media (sources).

But the original quote is:

Multiple messages from multiple messengers to multiple consitituencies.

From the new quote, it looks like I switched a few words around, but the intent is the same.  You want to get your message(s) out as much as possible to as many people as possible.  In this day and age of social media, you have more technological outlets than ever to get your message to everyone out there.

At the shiny hour of O’Dark:Thirty in the morning, what has left me pondering is the following.  Is it feasible to have “Multiple messages” when you are working as a communicator?  If everyone can check your blog/YouTube/podcast/Twitter feed/traditional communications outlets at the same time, will there be inconsistency between messages and how much of an inconsistency can there be?  All of your messages should come from one overarching goal, but is that enough?  Or will people look at your messages and examine the fine print for the slightest difference and try to hammer you on it?  And what will your response be?

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