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We Wants the Precioussssssss…..

Earlier this year I wrote about the new ASUS 701 EEE ultraportable palmtop computer. A 7″ screen, runs on either Linux or Windows XP, internet ready with a camera. This thing was made for the mobile blogger (like yours truly tries to be). It’s the perfect size for a small messenger bag, along with your digital camera, cell phone and a Zoom H2 recorder and you’re ready to go!

The EEE is a sleek design, asking to be played with, and is available in white or black apparently.

(Sleek and available in white or black?? Asus might want to get their lawyers ready, Apple will probably sue them for having a nice looking computer available in white and black. Too close to the Macbook. No sir, I don’t like it.)

Tnkgrl Mobile breaks down her first view of the EEE for us (lucky! I’m so jealous!) and Engadget has a review of the EEE as well.

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Microsoft Vista – “It just works…”

I’ve been reading about the various problems that Apple users have been having with their upgrades to their newest $129 service pack… er, stupendous, outstanding, super-duuuuuuuuper OSX upgrade – Leopard, or Siamese, or Tabby, or Puddy Tat, or what-the-hell ever kitty cat name they are giving this release to convince their buyers that they are a fierce cat in the computer jungle… feh.

Computers locking up, people having problems with some of the security features (the Apple Firewall is set up to be in “off” mode when you turn it on. I guess it “just works” at being turned off) – and some Apple fan-ites getting the equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death (something that, oddly enough, I haven’t gotten since I bought the completed version of Vista). I fact, I haven’t seen a BSOD in a loooooooooooong time with Microsoft.

Now I know that some Apple fanboys are going to blast me as some anti-Apple, “don’t get it” type of person. I’m glad to tell them that they are totally wrong. One of the first computers I cut my teeth on was an Apple IIc and I still enjoy puttering around on Macs when I get a chance. I’ve even told my fiancee that my next laptop will be an Apple Macbook Pro – once they get the hardware up to the level that my Inspiron E1505 is already at.

But it is nice to be able to tell Apple fans that, with Vista Home Premier, everything seems to “just work” for me.

Video editing software? Check
Audio and music editing software? Check-a-roonie
Web design software? Oh hell yeah
Photoshop? Yeah baby, yeahhhh
Anti-Virus and Firewall? Piece of cake
Video players? Check – and on a sharper screen than an Apple 15″ Macbook Pro

Not to mention, my digital video camera which works perfectly on Vista when I plug it into the Firewire port. You see, on my mom’s iMac, the video camera would not register at all.

Plug it in? Nothing.

Restart the computer? Nothing.

Pick up the iMac and shake it like a British nanny with a 3-year-old? Nada.

And don’t get me started on Apple’s great contribution to the browser wars – Safari (I’m starting to pick up a theme here… I wonder what it is…). Once it was ported to the PC platform it took… one, two days… for bugs and errors to be found? I was really excited to get to use Safari, too. I like they layout of Safari, it’s so pretty. But gosh darn it, it just… what’s the phrase I’m looking for here… “wouldn’t work” on my PC. And the fanboys went into full-on emo mode – doing the digital equivalent of sniffing and looking at their navels while saying “Gee, I don’t know why those mean, nasty Windows people take such pleasure in telling us there are problems with our browser.”

Maybe – since Macs have the opportunity to run Vista via Boot Camp – fanboys can load up Vista while they try to figure out what’s wrong with OSX: Leopa-Tabby-Puddy Tat.

See ya later, Space Cowboy…

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Adventures in Ubuntu-land…

This afternoon I’ve been downloading the new Gutsy Gibbon version of Ubuntu and Kubuntu.  I’ve been interested in using Linux, although I can’t really dive into it too much because all of my web design and audio and video editing software is Windows (Sony and Adobe).  I’ve got an older laptop floating around (with a Pentium M processor and 768MB of RAM) that can’t run Vista, but I’ve been told would be great for Ubuntu.

I’m a little nervous about tooling around in Linux, but I’ll keep y’all updated about the progress, trials and tribulations (as opposed to Tribune-ations).

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iLife for PC. Do It Jobs! You Know You Want To

Another Update: Sony releases what I believe is a PC version of iLife using their own software.  Check it out here.

Update: My idea for iLife for PC is here.

I’ve been working on the laptop a lot recently, me and my peeps have been busy shooting video, taking pictures and working on music for podcasts. During all of this work (in addition to working at the cube mines) I’ve been thinking about all of the cool iApps that Apple has released in iLife. While I’m not switching to Apple computers anytime soon (if ever, I’m quite happy with the hardware I’ve got – my SXGA screen is very nice for video and photo editing), I am intrigued by apps like GarageBand and iMovie. (the other programs I can pass on, I’ve got Dreamweaver and I don’t need iPhoto. And isn’t iBook the former generation of the MacBook?)

Working on a PC platform, I’ve got Premier Elements (PC’s version of iMovie) and Sony’s Sound Forge 8 and Acid XPress 5 ACID Music Studio 7.0 (the closest thing to GarageBand) to make up for not having those apps. But there is a little bit of a learning curve to these applications that Apple people keep telling me isn’t there for Apple’s iLife apps. And working on a few podcasts for the near future (stay tuned) I’d like to have the interconnection between applications that Apple has and these apps don’t have yet. (especially for enhanced/video podcasts I’d like to work on).

One area that Apple has jumped on, and the Windows/PC crowd are far behind on, is designing their applications to take advantage of the burgeoning social media movement. However, how many people can really justify buying an Apple computer to just use a handful of applications that they would be willing to pay for?

But this would stop people from buying Apple computers!

I disagree…

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Speaking of Dell…

Behold the mighty Madskillz powah of the Intertubes! Devotees of this blog (Hi Mom!) will remember I posted briefly about the problems I was having with my laptop (before going on to tell SWOP “I told you so”).

Well, to Dell’s credit, one of their representatives posted a comment on our dear blog to give me some advice and an email address should I have more problems. That’s one reason I like Dell. I have had laptop problems before with them, but their customer service has been excellent. Which goes a long way in convincing me to stay.

And now, just in time to tap out my bank account even more, tomorrow Dell is supposed to announce their new line of laptops, the sleeker eye-candy, the Inspiron 1520, 1720 and Vostro series. My fiancee, her sister, my bro and some of our friends have been talking about starting up our own Internet/YouTube video series, and if these computers have video cards powerful enough to run my editing software I might have to start saving my pennies for one.

(or Dell could send me one, out of gratitude of my devotion to them for five years… Yeah I didn’t think so either. We’ll give you credit in the credits! No? Darn… 😉 )

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Almost There…

We take a break in our political and public relations blogging to inform you…

As of 11:42 Mountain time, was at 999,947 blogs.

Almost one million!  Come on little train!  “I think I can… I think I can…” 🙂