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We Wants the Precioussssssss…..

Earlier this year I wrote about the new ASUS 701 EEE ultraportable palmtop computer. A 7″ screen, runs on either Linux or Windows XP, internet ready with a camera. This thing was made for the mobile blogger (like yours truly tries to be). It’s the perfect size for a small messenger bag, along with your digital camera, cell phone and a Zoom H2 recorder and you’re ready to go!

The EEE is a sleek design, asking to be played with, and is available in white or black apparently.

(Sleek and available in white or black?? Asus might want to get their lawyers ready, Apple will probably sue them for having a nice looking computer available in white and black. Too close to the Macbook. No sir, I don’t like it.)

Tnkgrl Mobile breaks down her first view of the EEE for us (lucky! I’m so jealous!) and Engadget has a review of the EEE as well.

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