Top ‘O The Mornin’ To You, Folks!

Just a quick post to say “Hi!” to all of the people who might stop by here today after reading my guest post on Geoff Livingston‘s blog this morning. Geoff’s on vacation this week, and he’s been gracious to let some of his Facebook peeps, yours truly included, write a guest post for his site. So for those of you checking by here for the first time, “hidee ho!” Check the site out, look at the obligatory “About Me” page, and I’ll see if I can keep the site updated with posts throughout the day and from here on out!

If you want, you can check me out on Twitter as well at @desertronin. I guess, if you want a little glimpse into me (although not as over the top as this) I’d refer you to this video…

(Yep, kind of a big deal. In my own mind at least 😉 )

Thanks again to Geoff for letting us guest blog for him this week, and to my fellow guest bloggers for writing some incredible stuff!

– Benson

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