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Looks Like Opera Needs More VC Funding

Opera, the Web browser preferred by literally dozens of people worldwide, is apparently in desperate need of funding to continue their groundbreaking Web browser research. Unfortunately, the groundbreaking was already done by companies like Mozilla, Microsoft and even Apple (the Safari browser is decent on Leopa-Tabby-Puddy Tat, but was a waste when I loaded up the MS version).

So Opera, like any good underdog following on the heels of more innovative companies, has taken to picking the company with the most money and which, until recently, has been acting like a victim, and doing the very American act of suing them.

Why is Microsoft acting like a victim?  That’s a long story, I’ll just say that jumping through every hoop that Google tries to put up for them – else Google will threaten to sue (look at rumored upcoming changes in Vista that are supposed to hinder search functions, presumably to encourage users to download Google’s desktop search function).  Or Google’s attempt to get involved in the Microsoft-Dept. of Justice lawsuit from several years ago, a case that even the judge pointed out Google had no cause to be involved in, has given Microsoft a little bit of a complex when facing off against the new technology giant.

And Opera filed their American-style lawsuit in the EU, which, being the EU, is still upset that Bill Gates is giving his billions to poor third world children instead of poor French children whose parents can only afford one bottle of wine at a time and is more likely to find in favor of the Norwegian-based Opera. (And this is from a fan of the EU)

However, Microsoft’s collective balls descended from the body cavity and they essentially said “forget it.”  Opera claims that people are “locked into using Internet Explorer” because Microsoft bundles it with the Windows Operating System.  I guess they have false faith in the idea that people will flock over to Opera instead of IE7 if only they weren’t cruelly forced to use IE7 (And speaking of Flock, that’s a good browser as well!).  No one has taken the time to tell them they are wrong, people use IE7 because it’s convenient (and I use Firefox because I like it better).  And some web designers have to use IE7 to at least check their sites because the vast majority of people surfing the web use IE6 or 7 and designers need to make sure their sites come up fine in that browser.

Someone really needs to tell those chaps at Opera that there is an easier way to get funding to keep their staff employed: either try to position Opera as the browser for OSX (not likely) or Linux (more likely), try to convince Sony to bundle it with PS3, or continue their work in the mobile device market.  Maybe Opera should look at teaming up with a computer maker, getting Opera bundled into the computers as the default browser.

Or I could try and convince someone in Texas (are you paying attention Dad?) to take Opera to court.  In a Texas court, where they don’t like them “Euro-countries” very much.  What do you say guys?  This is America, there has to be something we can sue for…

(that’s so sad because it’s true…)


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