Halo 3: That's it??

This is a post I had been meaning to write last weekend. But I was busy with another project and with work that it got moved to the back burner. I bought Halo 3 the night it came out – I was in line until about 1 am to pick it up, then I came home and played it for a couple of hours before going to work. Since I was working hard to prepare a conference that was running that Friday, I didn’t get play much more Halo 3 during the week. An hour here, 30 minutes there, 10 minutes before work – you know how it goes.

Then on Saturday (afternoon, of course, no way I was getting up in the AM), after my conference had ended I sat down in front of the XBox 360 and dug into what I expected to be a couple of days of enjoyment.

Four hours later I said “What? After three years?  That’s it?!?”

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