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iLife for PC Review: Adobe Premiere Elements 8

If I’d have to use only two words to explain my review for Adobe Premiere Elements 8 video editing software in the iLife for PC series it would have to be…


I purchased this software in the hope of being able to review it for part of this series and hopefully even recommend it.  Not only can I not recommend it, I wish I could send it back to Dell and get not only my money back, but also the time I’ve spent struggling with trying to make this software work.  I won’t go through the two installs it took to try and get this running, or the Nvidia patch I downloaded only to see my machine grind down to piss poor, or the fact that when I finally got it to work and tried to capture video from my camera, Premiere Elements crashed.

Long story short, stay away from this piece of “software” (unless you’re going to use the CD-ROM for skeet shooting practice). I like Photoshop Elements, it’s a decent piece of software and if you need it, then pick it up. I recommend that you stick with Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio for your video editing. It comes as part of the Sony Imagination Studio Suite, or you can get the new Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD software for under $40.

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