Starbucks Makes Coffee?

Who’da thought that?

Seriously, it’s interesting that Starbucks (a place where I can almost just deposit my paychecks to get the middleman out of the way) is shutting down their stores today for 3 hours to teach baristas how to make better coffee.  

This is a pretty decent PR move, since quite a few people have gone after Starbucks for having coffee that tastes a wee bit burnt.  (And then there is all of the anti-corporate stuff that people like to tag Starbucks with)  It’ll be interesting to see if their coffee changes much after this stunt.  (Although Dunkin Donuts has its own stunt going on)

Not that that will change my position, I still like Starbucks coffee, in addition to all of the other coffee places I go to (Moon’s, Satellite, etc).  But since I couldn’t function without caffeine maybe my palette isn’t as discerning. 


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