Mountaineers Represent!

This just in:

#5 Michigan 32

Little Scrappy Appalachian State … 34!!!!

Burn Wolverines!  Burn!  😉

Not only did App. State take $400K from you, they punked you in your own house!

I feel bad for my friend Jake, who’s from Detroit and is a big Michigan fan.  He said that at least he didn’t see it.  If he had that would have ruined his day. 

So is this enough to get Lloyd Carr finally fired? Losing three years in a row to Ohio State and now this?

Author: Benson Hendrix

Benson Hendrix, APR has been called everything from a “social media zen warrior” to the ” ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper of Public Relations,” and from a “behind the scenes powerbroker,” to “the loudmouth PR love child of Henry Rollins and Anthony Bourdain,” but doesn’t really believe any of it (except maybe the “Rowdy” Roddy Piper part). Hendrix is the Social Media Manager for the University of New Mexico and loves helping organizations and people tell the stories that are important to them. He is also an adjunct social media instructor at the University of New Mexico, and the Social Media Strategist for TEDxABQ. In the few minutes a week he calls "spare time," he relaxes with his wife and chases his dream to be a better photographer.

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