Live Earth Letdown

I was watching the Live Earth concert on Bravo today when a couple of things hit me:

  1. The lead singer for one of the bands I was watching pulled out a bottle of water (like Evian or something) and opened it up. After taking a swig he threw the cap on the ground in the middle of the stage. I guess littering isn’t that important compared to global warming… 😉
  2. There are supposed to be “Live Earth” viewing parties all over the world. If I’d have known about it I would have had one at my place. I got on line this evening and looked for the closest party to my place. Nothing in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho or Santa Fe (which surprised me, I figured they would be all over it). The closest party to my home was located in Dallas! Dallas! So no one within 800 miles of my place is meeting to watch the concert? Wow! If I’d have known that, and not had a birthday dinner to go to, I might have flown out there (wasting CO2) and visited my dad at the same time.  What a bummer.

And what is it with all of the “Live” concerts? “Live 8” “Live Aid” and “Live Earth.”

Although AFI and Linkin Park did rock! Plus the band made up of scientists at Antarctica! They were cool, and the penguins were a nice touch.


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