Still Hiding Out

Those readers of this humble blog might remember the name Terry MacKillop. MacKillop is the “Animal Control Officer” in Roscommon County, Michigan. If you’ve read this blog for a little while, you would have read this post about a site called Thor’s Warriors that is dealing with MacKillop and his lack of action when it comes to a group of starved dogs and someone by the name of Larry Baumgart.

Well, more and more the press is starting to notice what is going on. Not to the speed I’d like them to, but it’s better than nothing. One thing that has been constant in this press coverage is Terry MacKillop’s refusal to talk with the press about his actions, or lack thereof.

The one statement of MacKillop’s I have read was located on the Web site of the Michigan Association of Animal Control Officers. It said not to jump to conclusions based on personal attacks by the author of the Thor’s Warriors site. Then MacKillop, acting in a “do as I say, not as I do” manner (a manner he is apparently very accustomed with) went on to engage in personal attacks with that same person.

(Don’t bother looking for it now, the MAACO took it down and replaced it with a sanitized message from the organization president.)

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