Searching for the Hidden Park (Sept. 30, 2006 Redux)


Recently my GF told me about this hidden park in our neighborhood. We’ve taken Pickles (my dog) out there a couple of times, and given Pickles recent escape attempts (chronicled below), I decided Saturday morning to take her on a walk.

My GF leaves for work about 6:45 in the morning on Saturdays, and this Saturday I couldn’t get back to sleep after she left, so I did a little blogging and a little blog reading until it warmed up.

Around 10:30 I decided it was warm enough and I was bored enough to go back to the “Hidden Park”. This time, however, I thought I’d chronicle our little adventure.

So I started rounding up everything I needed for a successful walk.

Loaded pipe?


iPod ready to go? Check. (and ironic if you can see the audiobook playing, “Blog” by Hugh Hewitt) 😉

Ready to go. I just keep thinking I’m missing something.

Something important…

Oh yeah, the dog!

Now, ready to go and all that, away we went. (more pics in Part 2)


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