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A Few Days Around the State

I’ve taken this week off from work (except for Friday), and my GF and I decided to do a couple of day trips. Yesterday we went to Santa Fe (I know, not much of a day trip) but we went the scenic way through Madrid (pronounced “Mahd-rid” not “Ma-Drid” as they say in Spain).

Madrid’s a funky little village on NM 14 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. It’s a very artsy community, with art galleries located in every other house along the main drag we strolled along.

If you go check out the new movie Wild Hogs, you’ll see a lot of Madrid since they shot most of the movie in this little town. In fact one of the diners they built for the movie is actually going to be open for business on Friday!


We started off with a quick lunch at the Mine Shaft Tavern, a little biker bar that’s really hopping on the weekends.

After that we took a walk around the village…

Hide and Seek? Or too much to drink last night? 😉

Yes, this is an old railway car that was turned into a restaurant.

Despite the small size of Madrid, NM, it had a definite cool feel to it. It was more authentically cool funky artsy feel to it than Santa Fe did. Santa Fe felt like a big strip mall with more adobe to it.

We didn’t get to check this area out, we had to move on to Santa Fe…

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