In the last couple of weeks, creative experts, and the people who love us, have witnessed  a subtle, or not so subtle, changing of the content creation field landscape with the new Black Magic Cinema camera and Adobe’s newly announced Creative Cloud access.

BlackMagic showed off their new Cinema camera to acclaim at the recent NAB show in Las Vegas, putting the RED camera and Canon c300 cameras on notice. Shooting at 2.5K (not quite the RED camera’s 4K quality), with adapters allowing you to place Canon, Zeiss, Nikon and other quality lenses onto the camera, and recording directly to SSD – for under $3000. Yeah, a wonderful quality camera, complete with software, that can run off of a Macbook in a pinch (the rechargeable battery still lands you about 90 minutes of recording time) for that little of a price tag.

Couple that with Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Most people know about Adobe’s professional content editing software, whether it’s Photoshop or Premiere Pro. But the price tag was always a bit steep for many (upwards of $1300 for the Production Premium Suite).

But now, Adobe’s made it possible for you to access all of their high-quality software for $50 a month. It also keeps your software updated, as well as gives you access to upload your work projects online and download them to another computer. As they point out in the video intro on the Creative Cloud page, you can work on an image on your iPad, upload it to the cloud and download it to another program on another computer.

These two products have lowered the already-low barrier to entry into creating your own content. If you’re a documentary videographer, or a low/no-budget director, you can shoot better than 1080p video, and edit it for a fraction of the price of a complete video suite from Apple. What’s not to love about that?  All you have to do is add your own creativity!

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