Searching for the Hidden Park Pt. 2 (Sept. 30, 2006)

Pickles and I kept walking in the neighborhood, enjoying the morning and the beautiful sunny day we have so many of in New Mexico.

We live in a part of town with a lot of support for Patricia Madrid. Last week while at the State Fair my GF and I picked up a Halliburton Heather sign for our yard for the heck of it and the guy at the Democratic Party for New Mexico tent and he told us that we lived in a part of town that was pretty friendly for Madrid. My GF joked that she didn’t want a brick thrown through her window and, and the guy told us there were parts of town where that could probably happen.

Anyway, back to the walk. We came to a bend in the road, one way was a quick jaunt to the main roads, the opposite of which led us down a winding road into Pleasant Valley Sunday-land.
We turned left (at Albuquerque, heh heh) and before long, the road led us to an ominous looking entry lane…
What would wait for us on the other side? Only the Shadow knows…


Searching for the Hidden Park Pt. 3 (Sept. 30, 2006)

What was waiting for us? We walked down the little lane…

And there it was, in its glory, hidden from the outside world by a protective ring of houses. A little slice of shady paradise in Albuquerque. (without the SCA’ers swinging swords at each other).

Pickles started to drag me around to look for her favorite spots, which included the entire park.

She took time to say hi to a new addition to the park she’d never met before. A dog that was very happy to see her, I’m sure.

We looked down another of the side entrances to the park.

And how cool! Tibetan prayer flags!