What’s your Game?

What’s your Game?

With all of the talk of social media and public relations, something I haven’t seen much talk about is the importance of community building and coalition relations. Not “community building” in the sense of using a Facebook group or Ning site to connect online, but a real, face-to-face community relations ground game – one of […]

“Don’t Look At Me!” – Twitter and “off the record”

This is starting to become quite the epidemic for communications professionals.  Not all communications professionals, but those who still insist on operating in the pre-2.0 mindset of a centralized command and control structure.  These people still think they can dictate the terms of engagement to the social media-sphere.  The actor in question this time is […]

Like it or not, bloggers are reporters too

One of my job duties, in addition to working on content creation (blogs, YouTube, etc) and writing stories for the university newsletter, is handling press calls.  I really like dealing with the press, especially out here because I get along with so many of them, including the local bloggers. I can hear some of your […]

TechCrunch and Embargoes. What’s the problem?

I’ve been reading about Michael Arrington (the guru behind TechCrunch) and his decision to no longer honor embargoes asked for (demanded?) by PR professionals when certain stories are sent to TechCrunch.  This has apparently caused quite an uproar in certain quarters of the PR community, with comments flying back and forth on the post at […]

Heads Up Corps, Be Careful How You Blog…

Because starting May 26th, you could be arrested and thrown in the dock in the United Kingdom for misrepresenting your company as a consumer (Walmarting Across America comes to mind here). The legislation is already in practice in Europe, the UK is just getting into the act a little (fashionably ?) late.  On one hand […]

*Gulp* No Pressure

Practiced my Social Media presentation for the upcoming Nxt.Pr PRSA Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.  To put it nicely, it went over like a pregnant polevaulter. (actually, that might be an insult to polevaulters of the pregnant persuasion… 😉 ) I’ve looked at the speaker list for the conference, and there are all of these […]