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  • Filling the “Perception Hole”

    The “Perception Hole” or “Perception Gap” occurs when your organization begins developing a negative reputation about an issue and refusing to take the time to respond to the incoming attacks. This is a situation that many organizations, large and small, will have to deal with in the future if they haven’t already. Especially in an… Continue Reading

    Filling the “Perception Hole”
  • Why Do You Need a “Chief of Staff?”

    “I’ve gotta keep the knucklehead stuff off of his desk, and this is worse. This is actual hot-button knucklehead. This could be a thing.” John Spencer as Leo McGarry “The West Wing” Congratulations! You’re now a CEO. The leader of an organization. (Large or small, nonprofit or for profit. It doesn’t matter) But your time… Continue Reading

    Why Do You Need a “Chief of Staff?”
  • Making Your Community Relations Play

    Community relations needs to be a large part of any overall communication campaign, whether you’re working in politics, corporate PR, nonprofit or association communications. If you’re going to be serious about community relations, you have to be involved in your community (online or offline) long before you actually need them. You’re working to build up… Continue Reading

    Making Your Community Relations Play
  • Organizational Evangelism

    (Or, “Darwin’s Bulldog 2.0”) Recently I’ve been talking with my friends about an idea that business guru Guy Kawasaki has been at the forefront of for many years, the idea of “product evangelism” or utilizing your biggest supporters to positively promote a product or organization (i.e. Apple’s iCabal). Following up on this thought, you should… Continue Reading

    Organizational Evangelism
  • Using the Message Matrix in Communications – An Overview

    Political season is well upon us in the United States (for my International readers, both of you, you might find this interesting as well) and one of the tried-and-true keys to developing a message in a political/issues campaign quickly is to use a message matrix. A message matrix lets you set up a grid and… Continue Reading

    Using the Message Matrix in Communications – An Overview

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